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Sprocket / Gear Driven Cable Reeling Drum

We are leading Sprocket / Gear Driven Cable Reeling Drum manufacturers, suppliers and exporters located in Ambarnath MIDC Dist Thane, Maharshtra India.

Sprocket driven or gear driven cable reeling drums are generally used in magnet cranes where long travel & vertical operation (lifting magnets) is required. Sprocket/gear driven CRD's are generally recommended to avoid tension on cable & to have a better life of the drum. It is Similar to the spring operated type CRD's. Only the difference is driving member is required to drive the sprocket/gear driven cable reeling drum. Spring has limitations over the design & its winding life.

Construction : It consists of driving sprocket/gear ,driven sprocket/gear, Slip ring assembly & drum for winding & unwinding the cable.

Working Principle : CRD is wounded or unwounded by respecting driving mechanism of client's drum. It is synchronized with rope drum.

Benefits of Sprocket driven CRD :
• Smooth Operation
• Efficient for long travel
• Longer Life.

Questionnaire :

Sr no Description Parameter
1. Application  
2. Rope drum pitch dia ....mm
3. Hoisting speed ...m/min
4. No of falls  
5. Cable Size ... C x ....sq mm
6. Cable OD ...mm
7. Height of lift ...mtrs