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Permanent Suspension Magnet

We are leading Permanent Suspension Magnet manufacturers, suppliers and exporters located in Ambarnath MIDC Dist Thane, Maharshtra India.

Permanent Suspension Magnet
Permanent Suspension Magnet

Suspension Magnets, a safe and apt mechanism for removal of tramp iron, that flawlessly protects costly processing machinery by preventing sparks that cause fires and explosions. It helps to protect purity of the products. Undoubtedly, it has been the most effective way for the removal of unwanted ferrous particles from heavy burden depths of materials being conveyed on fast moving belts.

By matching the magnetic strength that of the corresponding size of the Electromagnet used for the same application and through other added advantages the Permanent Suspension Magnet has proved to be a step ahead than Electro Magnetic Suspension Magnet.


•  Non magnetic sections of vibratory feeders.
•  Vibrating screens
•  Oscillating conveyors
•  Chute Systems
•  Over belt conveyors

Features & Benefits

•  Protects crushers, conveyor belts & pulverizes
•  Purifies end product by removing ferrous contamination
•  Retrieves ferrous particles & thereby recovers scrap with resale value
•  Capacity to hold iron, if power fails
•  No operational Cost
•  Easy to install
•  Less maintenance required
•  Powerful & reliable


•  These magnets can be suspended either horizontally (parallel to & above the conveyor) or suspended at an inclination overhead pulley.
•  It can also be installed at the discharge point of the feeder
•  Most Preferred installation is over the head pulley for effective extraction of material.


Operating height & Belt width are the main aspect for selection.
As per standard available conveying systems, the suspension magnets are available for operating heights upto 300, 350 mm.
To recommend right magnet for right application, we recommend to share following details during enquiry.
•   Application
•   Belt Speed
•   Belt Inclination
•   Belt width
•   Material Properties
   - Material Type
   - Grain size
   - Conveyed Material Temp
   - Lump size
   - Tramp iron Size (Dimensions & Weight of largest piece)
•   Magnetic strength
•   Conveyor Capacity
•   Conveyor Speed

Permanent Suspension Magnet
Permanent Suspension Magnet
Permanent Suspension Magnet