Cable Guide

Cable Guide

We are leading Cable Guide, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters located in Ambarnath MIDC Dist Thane, Maharshtra India.

Roller Guides are used to control and contain the cable Being Reeled reeled, to ensure that it pays out and is recovered correctly. They are especially necessary when high reel mounting positions would be result in an otherwise unmanageable catenary.

Parallel Lay Reels have a roller guide of the same type of construction incorporated in the layering trolley, and in installations where the reel is mounted high on the machine. A second fixed roller guide controls the cable lower down near to the ground.

For Long vertical runs of cable, particularly where high winds can be expected, Intermediate Guide roller are recommended, fitted at approx. 2 M interavals.

Low Tension Sensor: All Roller guides can be equipped with switches to give warning of low cable tension as an extra if required.

Over Tension Sensor:- The slipping Function of the TR Drive system and the computer aided selection of a reel and drive for each application results in a reeling system that will not exceed the maximum allowable cable tension. Over tenion sensors are therefore not needed, but we can quote for them as an extra if specified.

Roller Guides are offered in both type Single Direction and Twin Direction. Single Directions are recommended in End Feed Applications and Twin Directions are recommended in Centre Feed Applications.
Roller Guide are designed in various sizes depend of Cable Dia and Bending Radius