Cable Reeling Drum
Reeling Lays
Installing the Reels
Torque Controlled Motorised Cable Reeling Drum
Stall Torque Motor Operated Cable Relling Drum
  Squirrel Cage Stall Torque Motor    Operated Cable Reeling Drum
  Slipring Stall Torque Motor    Operated Cable Reeling Drum
Slipringless Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum
Slipring Collector Columns
Cable Drag Chain
Resistance Box
Questionnaire For Cable Reeling Drum
Questionnaire For Cable Drag Chain
Questionnaire For Cable Reeling Drum

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Customer Name *
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Qty Reqd.
1. Cable Type - ERP / TRS Flexible Copper Cable
2. Cable Size
3. Cable OD MM
4. Cable Weight
5. Winding & Unwinding length of Cable on drum + DT (Max)
6. Total Travel Length Mtr
7. CRD mounting - On Moving Machine / Fixed Structure
8. Current Rating for Sliping Amps
9. Votage grad of Cable kv  
10. Mounting height of CRD from Cable Lay Level  
11. Minimum Bending radius of cable - 8 10 12 times of cable OD
12. Type of Payout - Horizontal Vertical Catenery Drag
13. Type of Feed - End Centre Off Centre Feed
14. Machine Speed M / min
15. Acceleration -  M / sec2
16. Duty cycle - a. peration per hour  

                         b. Operation Per day
17. Environmental Condition
18. Ambient temperature
19. Installation - Indoor Out door
20. Type of CRD - Spring Operated Sprocket Driven
                            Torque Controller Operated CRD Stall Torque CRD
21. Accessories Reqd. - 1. Roller Guide 2. Turnover Anchor 3. Drag Roller
22. Application
       a. Crane b. Traveling Trolley C. Stacker / Reclaimer
         d. Other Pls Specify  
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